August 30, 2023

DAZN x K-1 x QUINTET! Global Streaming Confirmed for Over 200 Countries!

The fight promoter K-1 and the grappling promoter QUINTET have joined forces with sports channel DAZN for live streaming in Japan and over 200 other countries and regions.
August 27, 2023

ReBOOT ~ K-1 ReBIRTH ~ Leading up to Sep. 10th: Mahmoud Sattari Makes an Appearance at Krush!

Ahead of the upcoming openweight tournament, Sattari announced, "Weight doesn't matter once you're in the ring. I want to show everyone an amazing performance from the new me."
July 18, 2023

K-1&QUINTET Joint Event -ReBOOT- Special Announcement

The announcement will provide information about the future development of both K-1 and QUINTET.
July 18, 2023

K-1 & QUINTET form a business partnership!

Joint event "ReBOOT" to be held on September 10th at Yokohama Arena.